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July 24, 2013     The Superior Sun
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July 24, 2013

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PAGE 4 SUPERIOR SUN, SUPERIOR, ARIZONA JULY 24, 2013 Superior School Bus Schedule 2013-2014 John F. Kennedy School Bus Schedule Route: ROUTE: Route: North Morning - KENNEDY SCHOOL ROUTE: 52 ROU11E:North Aftmnoon - K]ENNEDY SCHOOL Ddver - Connie Bogenschutz Ddver- Connie Bogmmchulz ORANGE BUS ORANGE BUS K-3~ 4~ .6~ Plek .e ]lm= Blmm ~ ]Ira= Main St. & McKelveyvilla 7:15 Kennedy School 2:35 3:05 Main St. & Pinal Ave 7:17 Magma Flats 2:36 3:06 Church & Santa Rita 7:18 Main St & McKelveyvilie2:38 3:08 porphyry St & PinalAve 7:19 Main SL & Pinal 2:39 3:09 Porphyry St & Lo0b Ave 7:20 Church & Santa Rita 2:40 3:10 Copper St & Lobb Ave 7:21 Poq)hy~y St & Pinal Ave2:41 3:11 Copper St & Magma Ave 7~?.2 Pofl~y/y St & Lobb Ave 2:42 3:12 Lime St & Magma Ave 7:23 Copper St & Lobb Ave 2:43 3:13 Heiner Drive 7"&~5 Copper St & ~ Ave 2:44 3:14 Lime St & ~ Ave 2:46 3:16 Sonora St & Chumh Ave 7:27 Heiner Drive 2:47 3:17 Hill St & Western Ave 7:28 Sonora St & Church Ave 2:48 3:18 Hill St & Stone Ave 7:29 Hill St & Western Ave 2:49 3:19 Magma Rats 7:32 Hill St & Stone Ave 2:50 3:20 Kennedy School 7:35 South Momlng - KENNEDY SCHOOL RETURN ROUTE: South Aftra'noon - KENNEDY SCHOOL Ddver- John Cox Driver - John Cox YELLOW BUS YELLOW BUS K-3'a 4th 4P P-iduaL ~ .B*mm ~ TI,.. Highlands & Quail 7:15 Kennedy 2:35 3:05 Highlands & Picket Post 7:16 Highlands & Picket Post2:36 3:06 Christopher & Cemetery 7:18 Highlands & Quail 2:37 3:07 Ffieda Lane & Palo Verde 7:19 Christopher & Cemetery 2:38 3:08 Sunset Dr & Palo Verde 7:22 Frleda Lane & P~o Verde2:39 3:09 Sunset Dr & Mitchell Dr 7:24 HIng & O'donnell 2:41 3:11 Klaer St & Lobb Ave 7:27 Sunset Dr & Palo Verde 2:42 3:12 Stone Ave & Gibbs St 7:28 Sunset Dr & Mitchell Or2:43 3:13 Klser St & Lobb Ave 2:45 3:15 Stone Ave & Vaiendne St 7:29 Stooe Ave & Gibbs St 2:46 3:16 Center & Brown St 7:30 Storm Ave & VatsnUne 2:47 3:17 Beknont Ave & Valendne 7:31 C, en~ & Brown St 2:48 3:18 Bakllont Ave & Crowe St 7:32 Belmont Ave & Vail~tirle St 2:49 3:19 Woetem Ave & Vaier~ne St 7:33 Belmont Ave & Crowe St 2:50 3".20 Westem Ave & Bmvm St 7:34 Western Ave & Valentine St 2:51 3:21 Belmont Ave & Gotham St 7:35 Weslem Ave & Bo~m St 2:52 3:22 Kennedy School 7:36 Belmont Ave & ~ St 2:53 3:23 Superior Jr/Sr High School Bus Schedule North Morning - SJSHS SCHOOL ROUTE: North AftemOOn - SJSHS SCHOOL Driver- Connie Bogenschutz ORANGE BUS Drlver- Melissa Pere~Stella San Miguel P~ku. Main St. & McKelveyville 6:37 Return Main St. & Pinal Ave 6:38 Supedor Jr/Sr High 2:50 Church & Santa Rita 6:39 Highlands & Picket'Post 2:51 Poq~hyry St & Pinal Ave 6:40 Highlands & Quail 2:52 Porphyry St & Stansbsny 6:41 Magma Flats 2:55 Porphyry St & Lobb Ave 6:42 Main St. & McKelveyville 2:56 Copper St & Lobb Ave 6:43 Main St. & Pinal 2:57 Copper St & Magma Ave 6:44 Porphyry St & Pinal Ave 2:58 Lime St & Magma Ave 6:45 Porphyry St & Stansberry 2:59 Sonora St & Church Ave 6:48 Porphyry St & Lobb Ave 3:00 Hill St & Wsstem Ave 6:49 Copper St & Lobb Ave 3:01 Hill St & Stone Ave 6:50 Magma Flats 6:53 Copper St & Magma Ave 3:02 Jr/Sr High School 6:55 Lime St & Magma Ave 3:03 Sonora S~ & Church Ave 3:07 Hill St & Western Ave 3:08 Hill Sty, Stone Ave 3:09 Gibbs"& Stone Ave 3:11 Stone Ave & Valentine St. 3:12 Valentine St & Belmont 3:13 Belmont & Brown 3:14 South Morning - SJSHS SCHOOL Driver- Meltasa Perez YELLOW BUS P.~L.a_ ]1~ Highlands & Picket Post 6:30 Highlands & Quail 6:31 Chdstopher & Cemetery 6:33 Fneda Lane & Palo Verde 6:34 Sunset Dr & Palo Verde 6:35 Sunset Dr & Mitchell Dr 6:37 Kisar St & Lobb Ave 6:40 Stone Ave & Gibbs St 6:43 Stone Ava & Valentine St 6:44 Center & Brown St 6:45 Belmont Ave & Valentine 6:46 Belmont Ave & Crowe St 6:47 Westem Ave & Valentine St 6:48 Western Ave & Brown St 6:49 Belmont Ave & Gorham St 6:50 Jr./Sr.High School 6:52 SUTTON SUMMIT K-12 DRIVER- JOHN COX Pick up Retum PICK UP TIME Apple Valley Road S:50 3:50 Oak Traile park 7:(?0 3:55 QUEEN VALLEY K-12 DRIVER- CONNIE BOGENSCNUTZ Pick up Return PICK UP ~me ~me Saguaro Drive 6:05 4:05 Questions or concerns? contact Stella San uel at 0-827-1861 or the Transportation Office at 520-689-29,H. This is an open letter to the residents of Superior regarding the reasons for recalling me and the pur- pose of the upcoming Aug. 27, 2013 election. Reason #1 was stated as "violation of open meet- ing laws." I am curious to know exactly what open meeting laws I violated. Since the issues seem to revolve around the termination of the mine's mutual benefits agreement, you should understand that I am not responsible for setting council meetings or developing the agendas for those meetings. The initial action to ter- minate the agreement was made after an executive session held at the end of a council meeting. I was named as the spokes- person for the council due to the fact that the Mayor and two other council members needed to recuse themselves from any dis- cussion or actions regard- ing the mine. I made a motion based upon discus- sion during the executive session. That decision was not mine alone. Another council member seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous with four council members voting. The next meeting was a special council meeting with a specific topic of ac- tion. There was no call to the public listed. Accord- ing to our town attorney, this is not a required activ- ity under Arizona Open Meeting Law. The Mayor, who recused himself, turned the meeting over to me as the spokesperson for the topic on the agenda. I ensured that the council and public stayed on topic during the meeting..Again, I did not act alone in the decision-making as the vote was unanimous. I don't see that I violated any open meeting law provisions during either of those meetings. Reason #2 was stated as "maleficence," which is defined as evil. I am curious to know if this was simply a misspelling of the word malfeasance, which is defined as the commis- sion of an act by a public officer that is unequivo- cally illegal or completely wrongful. Again, I did not act alone in these deci- sions, so I am curious to know why I have been singled out. I don't see that I was malfeasant in any of the actions described above. As a reminder, the princi- pal reason for the termina- John Stanley Backues tion of the amended and restated mutual benefits agreement With the mine was due to the fact that a previous council member, Hank Gutierrez, was found guilty of acting under a conflict of interest to ensure the agreement was passed. Once he was found guilty, it was immedi- ate cause for terminating the agreement. It is not my intent or that of any members on the Council to repeat that mistake. That would be malfeasant! Finally, I want to say that I am committed to all the residents for the future of our community. I will continue to stand along- side my fellow council members to focus on all the issues and consider the next generation in my deci- sions instead of the next election. Sincerely, Is/Soyla "Kiki" Peralta Superior Town Council Member CAC partners with U of A to offer computer networking associate degree PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. -According to the U.S. Department of Labor, job growth in the computer networking industry is projected to be twice the growth of the overall job market through 2020. Central Arizona College is attempting to keep up with that accelerated pace of growth by partnering with the University of Arizona to offer a full- transferable associate of applied science degree in computer networking. The degree, which would allow students to CAC, Page 10