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March 10, 2010     The Superior Sun
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March 10, 2010

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Page 4 TREE down to ground where he receives medical treatment. Continued from page 1 Daley said this event is in conjunc- tion with the sharpening of skills of that you are able to perform certain tasks that an arborist would do up there, like climbing up and walking on a limb," Piche said, "and through all this you have to show that you are able to organize your gear properly, that you have the right knots on your ropes, that you do this safely and ac- cording to industry standards." ACTC board member Art Daley. was the judge for the aerial rescue event. This is perhaps the most intense competition out there. This is especially true for passing spectators who might not realize at first that it is only an injured dummy being rescued from the treetops. The scenario is acted out as a simulated emergency where a climber has been hurt and is bleeding. The acting seems very real and officials show a card to specta- tors to explain the scene being staged as competitors take turns rescuing the dummy and bringing him safely aerial rescue certified arborists. These individuals are required to go through a training course at least annually. Competitors also took part in the "work" event that involved a lift truck that hoisted them aloft and brought them down. While in the trees, they performfd various work related activities to fulfill the criteria by which the e,ent is judged. Vendors and: family, friends and co- workers of the climbers rounded out the bulk of the crowd that turned out and watched the competition at the Arboretum. Visitors to the botanical park also dropped in randomly and took pictures and viewed the action for a time before continuing on their Saturday outings. (Competition results were not available when this story went to press. For videos of the 2010 Ari- . zona Tree Climbing Championship, visit Superior Sun, Superior, Arizona PORTER'S Continued from page 3 He says that the bar morn was the workshop of"Mr. Porter" who had a mercantile and antique shop many years ago. Holmquist believes that Mr. Porter bought boxcar loads of items from Phoenix and brought them back to the shop to work on and put up for sale in the store. Bill points out that the massive bar in the main room was also featured in a movie called "Little Black Book," which was made in Los Angeles. And the Waldorf Caf6 sign in the main room is another relic of the movie prop industry and has been in a film. In fact, said Lynn Heglie, almost everyth!ng in the building harks back t9 the movies or to Superior?shistory, which has been associated with both mining and the film industry. Automobiles played a part in that history as well. The car6 location originally housed a garage as well. Holmquist said. The east interior wall of the main room with the bar was the exterior wall of the garage. A car hdist that is riveted onto the patio that will contain an outdoor eating area is also from the garage. The.hoist now func- tions as a long table and will be used in the caff. according to Heglie. This patio area contains a ramada like room that was once a shed used for working on objects to be sold at the store. One wall has been removed. accounting for its ramada-like feel and diners will be able to enjoy their food and beverages in this shady open air structure. Heglie said the new caf6 will serve beer and wine only and the menu will be All-American. It witl-eontain- items such as hamburgers, steak sand- wiches, pork chops, meatloaf, grilled [//////H//(/// ! L---I i Los I lermano5 Restaurant and Lounge Call in your order- 689-5465 835 Hwy 60, Superior Wednesday, March 10 2010 Going Green: Recycling in Superior By John Hernandez On average, each man, woman and child in the United States generates or makes about 4.5 pounds of trash every day. That is more than 1.500 pounds per person per year. This is almost twice as much trash per person than most other major countries. According to the Environmental Pro- tection Agency, in 2008 249.6 million tons of municipal solid waste (garbage) was generated in the United States. About 54.2% of our nation's solid waste ended up in a landfill. Landfills generate hazardous air emissions and threaten surface and groundwater supplies. Many landfills are running out of room. The Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island, New York was the largest garbage damp in the world. It closed in 2001 after many years of people who lived nearby complaining about air and water pollu- tion and illness. To give you an idea of how much space a landfill can take up, both La Guardia and John F. Kennedy Airports were built on landfills. New York City now trucks their garbage out of state. As cities expand they will be looking at rural areas for their landfills. With fewer places for our trash to go we need to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. To reduce waste, people must learn to consume less and to reuse products such as using cloth towels instead of paper towels, cloth diapers instead of dispos- able diapers, use storage comainers instead of foil or plastic wrap for food leftovers, and donate your old clothes to thrift shops. Purchase rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. Compost food scraps and tree trim- Tings. Besides reducing and reusing, recycling is one of the major ways that waste can be diminished. Recycling is the process of turning ,sed products into raw materials that can be used to make new products. Federal, state. County and municipal government agencies are involved with the management and disposal of solid waste materials. Recycling is a large part of their involvement along with the private waste management companies that provide garbage service to their residential customers. Civic and environmental organizations as well as some businesses see the benefits of recycling and are working to improve the environment. Pinal County collects recyclables that otherwise wouldend up in landfills. In 2008 Pinal County recycled almost 2.600 tons of paper, cardboard, alumi- num, and newspaper. They also recycled tires. Revenue from recycled products totaled $143,785.15. The Town of Superior contracts their trash service with Allied Waste Indus- tries. As of now. Allied does not offer any recycling services in Superior. The "Let's Talk Trash Committee" is a sub committee of the Economic De- velopment Committee for the Town of Superior. "Let's Talk Trash" has been in existence for four years. Sue Anderson is the Chairperson of the group. She said that the focus of the group is to clean up the Town of Superior "So far we have done a good job," she said. "The committee is work- ing with Allied Waste to place a few large recycling barrels around town. Their ultimate goal is to have curbside recycling." They have organized a "Community Pride Day" event the first Saturday in April and another free damp day in No- vember. Volunteers and local businesses along with the Town of Superior get together and work to clean up the Town, BHP furnished an area for the damp- sters. Resolution Copper along with the Town of Superior and Southwest Gas provided container roll offs for the event. They had over 100 volunteers help with the clean up. On the Saturday in April they will pick up curbside any trash that is not hazardous waste. They will collect all recyclable items such as appliances, metals, tires, cardboard, wood, plastic bottles, etc. In November residents will have to drop off their trash at the transfer station. In three years the committee and the commumty ,have cdlected 1,000,000 cheese and ham sandwiches, fries and chicken wings. Tentativdy the opening date is scheduled towards the end of March. Currently the building is in the final stages of being readied. Heglie also wants to add some landscaping and flowers to the outside areas. He is excited about the 6000 square foot establishment on Main Street. "I think the Porter's C@ will be a great addition to the downtown area and will enhance the area and ambience," he said. "This will be my third restaurant location in Superior," he added. He previously owned CafO Piedra Roja and another restaurant on Main - Street. "I've been in the caf6 business 12 years in Superior and this is ala ex- citing new venue. I think it's a great location, he said ..... pounds of trash. Last November in co- operation with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) they sponsored an electronic waste recycling event in Superior. They collected three tons of electronic equipment such as computers, monitors, televisions, cell phones, VCRs, DVD players, CD play- ers, printers, batteries, chargers, etc. Sue says that the Let's Talk Trash Com- mittee wants to work with the children of Superior and educate them about recycling and the environment. Pinal County provides a container for tires. Sue Anderson said that they may talk to County Officials about providing recycling bins for paper/cardboard, plastics, aluminum cans, and metal cans like they have provided for other sites in the County. This depends on how the talks go with Allied Waste. The Save Money Market in town recycles it's ow, cardboard. The Town of Superior has a used oil dump site at the Town Public Works Garage. The site is for Superior residents only! Resolution Copper has instituted pro- grams to ensure proper waste control. They currently collect and recycle batteries and print cartridges. In 2008, Resoltition Copper recycled paper and plastic bottles as part of a community program sponsored bythe Town of Superior. This program has been sus- pended by the Town as the market for metals and recyclables dropped and was not cost effective. Resolution Copper is researching companies to partner with to develop and implement other recy- cling efforts. Many of their employees volunteer to help with the Town's clean up projects. The Town of Superior has partnered with Orion Recycling, LLC to manage their transfer station. Orion Recycling is a scrap metal and general recycling for profit oriented business. Orion pays cash for recyclable materials at the transfer station. They accept non- ferrous metals: copper, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, lead, etc., all steel, electric motors, catalytic converters, car batteries, A/C units without any gas or fluid, cars without fluids, and appliances without any fluid. Prices paid fluctuate daily with the market. It is good to call ahead and Larry Jochai. the owner can give you the prices. Orion may not always be able to pay for some garbage or junk but will take it offyour hands to avoid sending it to a landfill. Some of this junk includes mattresses, asphalt shingles, tires and cardboard. Larry Jochaihas been in the scrap metal business most of his life. His fa- ther was in the business also. Orion says iheir maih motivation is the respo{bte- recycling and reuse of any and all materials. "We are an environmentally friendly company' says Larry. Larry be- lieves that what comes into the transfer station should be processed so as little waste as possible makes it to the landfill. He told me about how Los Angeles County is preparing to close their land fill in 2012. With the price of land and increased costs of waste disposal it is no longer cost effective or enviroumentally sensitive to continue to dispose of waste in the traditional manner. He believes that the trend of partnerships between private and public entities working together is proving to be an effective and efficient way of handling recycling commodities as well as municipal solid waste and waste to energy. "We need to be on a path to zer6 waste" said Larry. Larry ays that the "Town of Superior has been very supportive. They have given me a home. It is my responsibility to make them glad that they did. We are hoping we can improve the environ- ment." Larry said that the economic situation has slowed things down but he is hopeful for the future. He would like to work with the water treatmenl plant and Town of Superior to produce a composting plant. Resolution Copper has expressed interest in mulch that they can use for cover in mine site land reclamation. He would like to bring in sludge (biosolids) from the waste water treatment plants in the surrounding areas and use it. The goal would be to make it economically t'easible where the Town of Superior could make money from the project. Larry is passionate about his business and the environment. He pointed out improvements he has made to the trans- fer station. He has made retaining walls from tires and earth. He said that when he was young and studying sculpture he went to a seminar where a lady named Beatrice Wood spoke. Beatrice was over 100 years old at the time and said that she thought the three most important things in life are honesty, compassion and curiosity. He tries to follow this philosophy. Larry is also an artist. His "hobby" is sculpting. He sculpted a headstone/ marker for the grave of Celia Ann "Mat- tie" Blalock. Mottle was the common law wife of Wyatt Earp in Tombstone until he met Josie Marcus. Mottle died of a laudanum overdose in Pinal City, now a ghost town. near Superior. The sculpture is being donated and it is hoped that it can be a historical site for tourists along the Copper Corridor. The grave site is on Federal land so they have to get permission from the government'to-inst'llt. The previous grave marker was vandalized and stolen. Larry's sculpture is made from re- cycled metal. For Real Pairn Therapy... Thera-Geslc Pain Cream It Really Works...Compare and SAVE. FOXWORTH GALBRAITH LUMBER CO. SURPLUS EQUIPMENT 375 N. Neely Rd. - Gilbert, Arizona (Phoenix) March 13, 2010 - Saturday - 9:00am (Pre-registration March 12, 2010 - Friday - 10:00am) Assorted Construction Materials/Equipment, Forklifts, Pick-ups, Flatbed Trailers, Tractor/Trailers, Vans, and Much, Much More! Go to for photos and list! For further information call: Charles F. Dickerson, Inc., International Auctioners Oh:: 575-526-1106 Cell: 575-644-7445 Fax: 575-526-0880 E-mail: charles@cfda O 4) O O O O O O O e Check out the e latest videos I O O O O O O O O O e o UplOad tJour ovvrl vlldaol Click: on c/ny Vicleo tien click: on UPLOAD V/DEe O Videos Added Tills Week o=- San Manuel Rotary Quad Run 9) o:o Rag Schools Band Spring Concerts o**o Nature Conservancy Slideshow o Tree Climbing Championship ,e Join us on twitter! " Follow us at TWitter. Gem/ O CopperArea O O or Q click on Twitter O on our website menu Agave plan ... Dave Smith of Agave Development Group presents a preliminary plan for use and expansion of his Superior Industrial Park lot. (Cindy Tracy photo) COUNCIL Continued from page 1 the discussion regarding the recall that an election if held will cost the town from $3000 to $5000 when Public Notice GILA/PINAL WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD Gila County Community Services Division 5515 S. Apache Avenue, Suite 200 Globe, AZ 85501 (928) 425-7631, Ext. 8657 The following PUBLIC NOTICE is being issued by the Gila County Division of Health and Community Services on behalf of the Gila/ Pinal Local Workforce Investment Board, in an effort to solicit  Request for Proposals to provide youth services under the Workforce Investment Act Title 1 for Program Year April 2010-June 2011. RFP INFO PACKET: Available: February 8, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. RFP DUE DATE: March 31, 2010, at 3:00 p.m. BIDDER'S CONFERENCE: Tuesday, February 18, 2010 - 1:g0 pm - 3:00 pm Gila County Division of Health and Community Services 5515 S. Apache Avenue, Suite 200 Globe, Arizona 85501 (928) 425-7631 RFP AWARD DATE: Apdl 22, 2010 PROJECTED START DATE: Monday, May 1, 2010 RFP PICKUP AND SUBMISS ON ADDRESS Gila County Division of Health and Community Services Workforce Investment Department 5515 S. Apache Avenue, Suite 200 Globe, AZ 85501 (928) 425-7631, Ext. 8657 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Requests for Title 1 Youth services will be received by the Gila County Division of Health and Community Services on behalf of the Gila/Pinal Local Workforce Investment Board until the date and time indicated above. Proposals submitted after the time specified above will not be laccepted and will be returned. Mailed RFPs must be in the possession of the Gila County Division of Health and Community Services by the date and time specified in order to be considered ,timely. The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is for the for GilatPinal Counties Local Workforce Investment Area (LWlA) Administrative Entity (AE) to identify and contract with a qualified provider for youth services under -title I of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-226). Questions regarding the RFP or Submission of Proposals should be directed to: BBrbara Valencia, Program Manager - (928) 425-7631, Ext. 8657, The Gila County Division of Health and Community Services reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to negotiate any proposal, to waive any informality in any bid, or to withhold the award if deemed in the best interest of the Gila/Pinal Local Workforce Investment Board. Equal Employment Opportunity Employed Program Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with a disability Toll Free - 800-304-4452 TDD: 7-1-1 MINER, CBN, SUN Legal 2/10/10, 2/17/1 0, 2/24/10, 3/3/10 Products ... Panels of meial and Styrofoam and ideas for devel6pment of a lot at the Superior Industrial Park formed part of a presentation at a recent town council meeting. (Cindy Tracy photo) expenses are factored in. The coun- cil is expected to discuss the recall at a special meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 10. In other business, council held an executive session, followed by a vote to give Public Safety Director/ Police Chief Lou Digirolamo the additional title of "Deputy Town Manager." It was stated that Digi- rolamo had voluntarily taken a 7 percent salary cut. Also in other business and previous to the executive session during staff communications to council earlier in the evening, Richard Green was arrested, placed in handcuffs and escorted from the room. This oc- curred when he came forward and repeatedly asked: "Is this a police state?" The council adjourned for a short period before continuing. In a statement subsequent to the Public Notice PUBLIC NOTICE REQUEST FOR BIDS FOR THE PURCHASE OF COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES WITHIN THE TOWN OF SUPERIOR Pursuant to the provisions of A.R.SI 9-402, the Town of Supedor gives notice of the intent to receive and consider bids for the sale of the following properties located within the Town Of Superior, Pinal County, Adzona. PROPERTY: Residential property located at 405 Terrace (Pinal County Assessor # 105-04-290), the minimum bid to be considered by the Town of Superior will be Twelve Thousand Five Hundred ($12,500.00) dollars cash only, no se!ler carry back. This parcel/property will be sold "as-is", the Town of Superior makes no claims as to the condition of the property stated or implied. Each interested bidder shall verify any and all matedal facts important to the bidder. The successful bidder will pay all closing costs for this transaction at close of escrow. All bidB shall be in wdting and sealed. Such sealed bids must be received by the Town of Superior, Attention Town Manager Melanie Oliver, at 271 W. Main St., Supenor, Arizona 85173 on or before 5 pm Fnday, March 26, 2010. Please contact the .Town Manager at (520) 689-5752 with any questions. The Town of Superior reserves the right to reject any, or all, bids and to waive any formalities or irreguladtiBs in any proposal. Dated this 22nd day or February, 2010 Is/ Melanie Oliver, Town Manager SUN Legil 3/3/10, 3110/10 meeting, Digirolamo said Green had been released pending charges of disorderly conduct being reviewed by the county attorney. 928.710.7007. XdlWilliams Chedt R.lty,  " '[' AUCTION March 19, 2010 - 9:00am -Friday Exit 211 off 1-10 north to Milligan Road and 3 miles east on Milligan Road to Wheeler Road. Look for Orange Flags and Signs! Partial List Chevy 30 Manlllt Tnmk $.Veg Float Trailers Big 12 Module Butlder 2-Single Wide Mobile Homes Root Puller 2-9930 JD Picker Wster Trailer Int'l DIsc 18' Towner Disc 8300 Semi Truck Tool Bar Water Trailer w/Tank Dodge Ram 50 Truck Border DIsc Md13607 Harrell on Land Plow Paterbilt Semi Truck Vegnteblo Planter Int'1555 Plow Step Deck Trailer Model #EN 4041102 JD 3 Shank Ripper IntorneUonst Bus Monsneem Veg Planter veg & Bed Shaper Planter Ford eI'vloo Truck 2-Same dl #90 VDT Tractors Case Int'1145 4 Bottom Plow Chevy C65 Truck Corrbla Big Ox Ripper JD 7300 6 Row Planter Gator 4x2 Vegntoble ToOl Bar Int'l Grain Drill Gstor 6x4 Layby Spray Rig 6 Row Je Lister 40' Float Troller Rotary Hoe  Melon Bed Shaper JD 455 DIsc Antique Planter Big OX 3 PT. Blade 2-Spray Rig ,500 Gal. Fuel Tank Squeeze Chute Dith Burner JD Baker 3-Bottom Plow 6 Row Rolling Cultivator Vegetable Harvest Trailer 6 Row Senkeen Mulcher Big Bud Ripper Irrigation Hosem Ddp Line Rest 465 Spray Coupe JD 875 Sprleg Tooth Cultivator 2-Row Buekera 8-Mlec Tcol Bars 2-Antique Hay Rakes Wood $20 CD Mower Porbl Put Int'l Uster 6 Row Mulchar RIpper 6 ROW Colton Drag 2-Transpl8nars, & Much, Much, Moral For further information call: Charles F. Dickers0n, Inc., International Auctioners Ofc: 575-526-1106 Cell: 575-644-7445 Fax: 575,526-0880 E-maih .... I .,lit :,, I,T,t,RI,,II1, t,. lr,l,]iitlTIlt, ll,ll,]l,]II,l,,I ....... lt/l,,l[,ilB[lllllllllfUltl:tlll _,..,, r', ..... : :